Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Email, Monday, September 23, 2014

Well it is Monday again and i guess craziness has been going on at
home, hope dad is okay, but this week was good :) nothing too drastic,
but these pictures tell great stories,
Okay the first one is a HUGE SUNDAY and the "lil ol skinny fella" aka
the thorn or elder Bottomfield he is a senior missionary, and he took
the entire zone to five guys, and then to this place for one of these!
Man so much suggggrrrrr hahaha they are great and they are leaving for
home in a week! He is awesome and loves to teach us how to manage
money, $5 a day for food and i will never go in debt, he prides
himself of his debt freeness..

And the second one is the stake service day at far rock away, super
fun, took a tree out with only another missionary and i, with 2 spades
and a saw, and after we finally got it out, we walked around carrying
it around then finally ditched it, then i shoveled some sand to take
back to the beach, found a quarter and a bracelet too :) nothing fancy
of course, but still beach finding hahahaha after that we all re
mulched about 200x5 yards of ground, so from 10-2 we worked hard and i
got a lovely burn (why didn't i get the german gene of nice skin?)

And its Boda time! This is the family of columbians i taught a while
ago with the zone leader, the family Maldonado was united by marriage!
Yay! Next Sunday they are gonna be baptized soooooo exiting! I love
that family! They are soooo good! Their other son isnt in this
picture, but he has a hairstyle of one direction xD ill send a picture
of my companion and i with most of the youth in the next email,

We have the best youth in the world.

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