Monday, September 8, 2014

Email, Monday, September 8, 2014

Week 4, transfer 9, month 13,
Why cant i have the ability to slow time down :/

But this week was great! Full of interesting stuff,
First, we had mega zone conference!  We did a musical number, the song
lyrics of joseph smiths first prayer to the music of that and come
thou fount of every blessing, it went well, and the conference was
Super good, and spiritually and physically filling and what i mean by
physically filling is picture one, yes, that is a full chicken cut in
half, yup, pretty sure we broke the word of wisdom ;) haha there were
left overs soo we now have quite a bit of chicken in our fridge for
this week :)  but i learned alot and we we were given a challenge to
give the people we teach, so i want to challenge yall to it :) call it
the scripture challenge, first and for most pray, ask to receive the
answers to the questions in the chapter i will soon give you all, okay
so i want to give yall a chapter, Mosiah 2, okay now that you have
this, i want you all to read it, now on a piece of note paper, write
your thoughts and feelings of the questions 1)how can yall find peace
and joy? and 2)how can your family be more happy and united? Okay now
that you have your answer, pray again, ask to know if you missed
anything if your answer was correct, okay now that you have done this,
go back and read the chapter again, revise your answer and correct any
mistakes, now once you have this, pray again, once you have done this,
let me know what yall have found, this processes will take maybe 2
hours, so find and block off two hours for this, :) then challenge a
friend to try it! ;) #testimonybuilder!
Okay so then the second really big thing is sunday, picture two,
Santiago was baptized! Such a awesome service! We played you raise me
up, guitar/clarinet instrumental and it went well :) after the baptism
and While we waited for them to dry up, we had all the attending
members to write on a piece of paper ,that we provided them with,
their testimonies, and a short message to support Santiago, was super
cool and we gave him a big stack of papers to read later on, i think
he enjoyed it :)
Then we found out it was sister elizabeth martinez sunday! So we
quickly made a awesome card, thank goodness the sisters are creative
here and has cool paper, and wrote on it and got there to surprise her
with the card and a song, the same one we did for the service cause
she couldn't make it, but her daughter made great food but we had to
take it to go pic three, but we shared a message with them about
family history, (i showed off moms hard work ;) the fan chart we have)
and the daughter is interested in it, i don't think she is a member,
but she has a adorable daughter, that is four years old, loves to sing
frozen, and loves my magic tricks (thank you Ben for teaching me, i
have become super good at it) (i surprise adults with it too hahaha)
soooooooo that is pretty much it for us, we love yall (my comp and i)
Thanks for everything yall do! Next time i write i will be a man ;)
meaning no longer the awkward teen/adult,
I love yall so much and am rooting for yall!
Thanks for everything once again, i am blessed with a epic family, ;)
the best in the world

Yalls truly
Elder Daniel Buffington

How to become a TRUE new yorker
-get pooed on by a pigeon (x) unfortunately
-jump a 'turn style' ( ) not yet,
-get in a fight  ( ) unless its a verbal one where there is only one
agitator that wants to bash
-fall asleep in the subway (almost) llllooonnnngggg day, and no one
was on the train, and it was winter :)
-cry on the subway  ( ) unless crying cause your laughing so hard then yes

Almost there but yet soo far

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