Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Email, Monday, September 30, 2014

Week one transfer 10 (uh oh... Double digits)

Transfer calls came in, and i am staying with Elder Trujillo for
another transfer! Yayyyy so he will have been with me longer than any
other companion!  Super fun but this week was super fun and helped me
grow!  We did quite a bit of "spur of the moment" service, helping in
tiendas is always fun! We did a wide variety of things, from
organizing very unorganized jerseys to dusting off cans of food, i
have to backwards in the week to get stuff right so okay Sunday,
hermano Sarmiento found a baby bird struggling our side, so he brought
it in gave it some water and named it Domingo (Sunday) let it hop
around ward council and then let it outside and it was much better,
(meet Domingo in pic three) we had FOUR investigators and THREE less
actives come to church!! And one investigator and two LA is a family,
the son has a daughter and oh my goodness she is precious and
defiantly a choice daughter of God! Francisco was talking to me about
how when she is with him, every Sunday  morning she is the first one
awake, and goes around and wakes everyone up, okay she is four, and
she wakes up and she is the main reason they get to church on time if
comes to church at all! (And mom told me about when i was younger i
would cry through church) then after church the was a family baptism
of Four! And another Baptism!! Sooooooooo awesome! Three hour service
with food at the end, awesome but tooooo long haha.  Saturday we had
the mini mission (picture one has our visions goals and plans for the
day next to the board from left to right is Aldair (Albert of
Albertico) juan pablo (pablito) and Miguel (chontaduro) ) was way
awesome! And met sweet people.  And that night we were blessed with a
beautiful sunset behind the skyline, (pic two)  as we went to a lesson
to one of our investigators we taught about patience and after ward
she told us about a food so she goes around her tienda and brings two
full bags of groceries to the counter and just gives us them, and
tells us she is going to fast all day Sunday (she is needing her
business to be successful) and attended sacrament meeting! So we felt
bad cause she gave us all this stuff, i took my last dollar of my
monthly lot and gave it to her to buy a cocoanut, so she tells us the
only way they are good is if they have milk in them, (gotta remember
this) so we go and none of them have milk O.o soo we are like well now
what? So she grabs one, and chucks it on the floor busting the coconut
open revealing a black inner where it went rotten, so she tells us to
start breaking the rest hahaha so we sat there breaking about ten
cocoanuts to find any good ones, there were three which she gave us,
she was laughing at us trying to break cocoanuts on the floor,
especially when one of them couldn't be broken, so we all took turns
throwing them at the ground till it broke she was laughing quite a
bit, so it all ended with high spirits!  and transfer calls that night
too... But i think that has been the only big exciting thing, I'm
getting more confident in Spanish, i want to be fluent by the end of
my mission, it is one of my many visions for the mission, after all
the mission is a Microcosm of my life (i know big word right?)

I love yall!
Stay classy
I have less than ten months :(
But i still got more than 9! :D

Every day i am reminded about how our Father in Heaven loves and gives
us tender mercies every day, its our choice to recognize them, also my
hidden treasure for yall is in Ether 12:27 (Scripture Mastery?)

Till next week,
Elder Daniel Buffington




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